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Loose Fit Jeans

Men’s Loose Fit Jeans

Our selection of men’s loose fit jeans come in a variety of intricate washes from raw indigo blue and black, to a range different stonewashed blues. Our relaxed fit jeans are very generous around the hips and thigh area allowing for a more comfortable fit. All the loose fit jeans which we sell are slightly tapered from the knee down so you can still enjoy a fashionable and modern look. Shop a varied range of men's relaxed fit jeans from well-known streetwear brands such as Rivet De Cru, Lifted Research Group, and Cult Of Individuality and take your confidence to an all new high.

  SKU Product Our Price
MS995-043_32 Mecca Perfect Fit 5 Pocket Jeans, Regular Light Wash £44.99
ROYALB8207BLU_3232 Royal Blue 8207 Men's Relaxed Loose Fit Jeans Blue Ink £49.99
ROYALB8207BLK_3432 Royal Blue 8207 Men's Relaxed Loose Fit Jeans Black £49.99
LRGTOPR_28 L-R-G Top Rankin C47 Jeans Blue Black £44.99
J185013RI_28 Lrg RC C47 Denim Jeans Raw Indigo £54.99
J185013RB_28 Lrg RC C47 Denim Jeans Raw Black £54.99
SYNLFJ_3232 Synergy Prankster Loose Fit Jeans Raw Blue £34.99
161009W_4232 Rivet De Cru Senica Rock Wash Moto Tapered Jeans £89.99
J155013DI3232 Lrg Classic C47 Jeans Dry Indigo £69.99
£64.99 (Save 7%)
J155013B_2832 Lrg Classic C47 Denim Jeans Triple Black £69.99
J145001_LRG_30W x 32L Lrg Core Collection C47 Denim Jeans Raw Indigo £59.99
H125043RI_30 Lrg Creative uniform Co Flap pocket True Straight Jeans Raw Dark Indigo £54.95
LRGROOT47_28 Lrg True Roots Classic 47 Jeans Indigo £54.00
LRGC47FL_30 Lrg Core Collection C47 Flap Pocket Jeans Raw Indigo £54.95
LRGJ1150011 LRG Core Collection C47 Jeans Light Wash £54.95
LRGTREEC47_2832 Lrg Through The Trees C47 Jeans Light Wash £59.99
RMRAW36 Rivet De Cru Mae Fit Jeans Raw Wash £69.99
RMCW3232 Rivet De Cru Mae Fit Jeans Carbine Wash £79.99
IMPJW4234 Imperial Junkie Whoosh Japanese Selvedge Jeans £60.00
IMPALLEY_42 Imperial Junkie Alley Life Japanese Selvedge Jeans £70.00
IMPCAR_42 Imperial Junkie Cardiaac Assassin Japanese Selvedge Jeans £70.00
IMPULTRAP_4234 Imperial Junkie Ultra Punkadots Japanese Selvedge Jeans £70.00
SKU16833_40 Imperial Junkie V Japanese Selvedge Jeans £80.00

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